Please allow us to introduce ourselves


Strategy Director + Co-Founder

Optimist beset by ferocious curiosity. Undeniably solutions-oriented.

Julia sees strategy and storytelling as solving puzzles. The world as a series jumbled pieces to patiently deconstruct and reorganize until their pieces fit back together just right. This typically involves a lot of questions.

As a baby, she picked up and held a pen as though she’d been waiting to write. As a child, she wrote stories and read like a house on fire. As a teen, she got detention for missing the bell whilst developing film and printing photos in the darkroom. Fair to say, fueled by storytelling from the start.

Following early professional years in financial services and product management, the best application of her studies in psychology and advertising proved to be the digital space. As a brand strategy consultant in the CPG industry, she honed her ability to align performance objectives with consumer trends, and messaging priorities with storytelling tactics. In essence, enabling brands to create connections with humans.

Find her in Montreal, talking shop while getting caffeinated, lifting heavy things, and flipping the script.

Strategist + Storyteller

Location: Montreal
Languages: EN, FR
Secondary Languages: SP, GER


Creative Director + Co-Founder

Engineer gone rogue. Visual interpreter of the world and its creatures.

Max uses images and video to organize ideas and understanding. To convey his appreciation for the world and how it works.

After a misspent youth pursuing advanced studies in engineering followed by consulting in the pharmaceutical sector, his penchant for systems and visual instincts lead him to pursue studies in photography. You can see his entire portfolio at

A committed environmentalist, he launched Climate Heroes in 2009 as a way to build bridges and inspiration on the subject of climate change. His work has been exhibited during COP21 in Paris and published in GEO, Le Monde, Die Zeit, Elle.

Find him in Paris, networking at sustainability events, climbing walls, and moving mountains.

Photographer + Director

Location: Paris
Languages: FR, EN, SP, PT
Secondary Languages: IT


Production Director + Co-Founder

Engineer, remixed. Creator of his own soundtrack.

Nicholas has always been confident listening to his heart and instincts because in a sense, music and sound have long been his guides.  

While his early years as an industrial engineer his challenged brain, Nicolas listened to his heart and remixed his career by returning to study sustainable development strategy.

After living all over the world working with CPG multinationals on large scale CO2 reduction and sustainability projects, one idea began looping in his mind and couldn’t be turned down: he wanted his professional endeavours to align his passion for sustainability—and music.

Find him in Paris, on stage as Yalta Club’s bassist,  spreading the word about Smmmile, the vegan pop music festival he co-created, and just generally being a sustainability rock star.

Producer + Composer

Location: Paris
Languages: FR, EN
Secondary Languages: GER